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Director's Message



It is with great privilege I get to serve as the administrator for Flomaton Medical Center.  At the Flomaton Medical Center, we understand that healthcare is evolving.  With advancements in medicine and strides in technology our goal is to provide our communities access to the best possible healthcare.  We have made significant strides in providing quality healthcare in a rural setting.


It is our commitment to help you and your loved ones when the need arises.  The comfort and care of our patients is our goal.  Our dedicated employees and providers set us apart because they believe in service, in family and in our community.


Our website will share details with you about our services and about our providers.  You will also find photos of our employees as well as helpful contact information. We are always open to suggestions.  If you have questions regarding your health, please be sure to contact us.




Mike Myrick, Director - Flomaton Medical Center

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